Vice Chairman of Beijing CPPCC Mr. Luming YU Addresses the Opening Ceremony of the Global Green Economy Prosperity Forum

The Global Green Economy Prosperity Forum opened on the morning of September 6 at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Mr. Luming YU, Vice Chairman of Beijing CPPCC, delivered a speech on Beijing government’s plans towards carbon neutrality. A total of more than 300 participants, including experts from ministries and national commissions, top executives of Fortune 500 companies and multi-national corporations, representatives of local governments and representatives from industries, universities and research institutes, and international guests from Britain, Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Zimbabwe, attended the forum.

On behalf of the Beijing municipal government, Mr. Luming YU, Vice Chairman of Beijing CPPCC, expressed his warm congratulation on the opening of the forum. He said, “At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and global environmental governance is still facing challenges, it is of great forward-looking significance for the International Green Economy Association to hold a series of green development events themed as carbon neutrality at CIFTIS 2021.”

He pointed out that in recent years, Beijing has taken tackling climate change as an important starting point to improve environmental quality, promote ecological civilization construction, and promote high-quality development. Beijing has achieved remarkable results in both controlling the total amount and intensity of carbon emissions, and will take the vision of carbon neutrality as an important support for achieving high-quality development, promote green transformation of economic and social development, and play a leading role in the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality initiatives. 

Mr. Jihai Deng, executive president of the International Green Economy Association (IGEA), said, “The opening of the Forum ushers in the“Carbon Neutrality”events of the 2021 CIFTIS.” Hosted and organized by IGEA, this year the forum consisted of seven conferences themed as Carbon Neutrality, Low Carbon Urban Construction & Low Carbon Industry, International and Domestic Carbon Markets & Carbon Sink Economy, Green Finance & “Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality”, Energy Revolution and “Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality”, Ecological and Environmental Industry Empowering the “Dual Carbon” Target, and Graphene Empowering the “Dual Carbon” Target as a New Material respectively. 

The conferences promoted the sharing and exchanges of new ideas through international and domestic situation analysis, experts discussion, industrial practice experience sharing, industrial pioneer enterprise alliance establishment for achieving the “Dual Carbon” target, and international and domestic cooperation promotion on major technological and industrial projects. As a result, many cooperative projects in fields of production, education and research have been reached, which contributes to the early achievement of the “Dual Carbon” target.

Since 2010, the Global Green Economy Prosperity Forum has been successfully held 11 times, aiming to lead green economy into the mainstream of economic development. Since 2018, the Forum has become a unique part of China International Fair for Trade in Services featuring green development.

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