To establish a comprehensive platform for promoting international technology transfer, green trade and investment, 2015 GBO - CHINA Global Green Technology Cooperation Conference (GBO-GTCC) will be held during the China International Energy Conservation Expo (EC EXPO).

GBO-GTCC will present opportunities to obtain policies analysis from government officials in energy conservation in China, information sharing from experts in finance and technology sectors as well as technique presentation from world leading companies devoted to green economy. The highlights of the conference come to B2B matching part where hundreds of companies from abroad will talk to Chinese companies directly. Negotiations will cover green technique transfer, cooperation and investment.

Welcome to join GBO-GTCC to promote green development and explore cooperation potentials.


Global Green Business Opportunity Access to China


  • National Energy Conservation Center
  • China Council for the Promotion Of International Trade, Construction Industry Sub-Council
  • International Green Economy Association



GBO-CHINA is set to establish China's first B2B commercial platform for green business. Welcome to our website and register for free. Website:

On June 6th, representatives from domestic companies held one-to-one talks with foreign enterprises at GBO-China Cooperation Forum.

Zhang Xiyan, CEO of GBO-China delivered a welcome speech at the opening of GBO-China Cooperation Forum.

Simone Padoan, Vice President of EEGEX signed a cooperation contract with GBO-China at the GBO-China's website launching ceremony.


Sha Zukang
IGEA Honorary Chairman, Former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations
"A green economy can be an important pathway to sustainable development, but it is vital that each country has the policy space to pursue its own green economy path."


Build specialized energy-saving exhibition

Gather technical innovation achievement

Tap tremendous potential business opportunities

Enhance global cooperation and communication

Improved supporting activities of highest participation value

Maximized media exposure


  • 2015 GBO-CHINA Global Green Technology Cooperation Conference Theme Conference

    1. Global Green Technology Cooperation Theme Report
    Sha Zukang, IGEA Honorable Chairman, Former Under-Secretary-General of the UN

    2.GBO-CHINA - Analyzing the system of International Green Technology Cooperation in China
    Sunny Zhang, Vice Secretary- General of IGEA, General Manager of GBO - CHINA

    3. Sino-foreign Cooperation Policy Analysis
    Representative from Investment Promotion Institute of Ministry of Commerce P.R.C

    4. Global Green Technology Business Opportunities Presentation
    ( quotas :maximum 10 )

    Parallel Meetings (14:00-17:30)

    Every WORKSHOP will invite relevant experts from policy analysis, finance and technique sectors, local government officials, CEOs/chairmen from leading companies in corresponding industry. The panel aims to discuss the green business opportunities in China and access to China's market.

    (each workshop allow maximum 5 enterprise representatives to give speech)

    1. GBO-CHINA International Cooperation in Energy Efficiency and Green Energy WORKSHOP

    2. GBO-CHINA Modern Agricultural Industry WORKSHOP

    3. GBO-CHINA Clean-Tech WORKSHOP

    4. GBO-CHINA Green Building WORKSHOP

    Welcome Dinner (18:30-20:30)

  • China Ecological Civilization Summit 2015

    1. Moderator introduce officials and guests

    2.GBO-CHINA - Analyzing the system of International Green Technology Cooperation in China
    Sunny Zhang, Vice Secretary- General of IGEA, General Manager of GBO - CHINA

    3. Speech from Officials of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of P.R.C.

    4. Policy Analysis of < Remarks on Accelerating Eco-civilization Construction >

    5. Remarks on Tax Policies in the ''13th Five-year Plan'' from Ministry of Finance

    6. Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Goals in the 13th five-year Plan

    China International Energy Conservation Expo (EC EXPO) Other Forums

    1. China National Institute of Standardization: Green Designs Green Manufacturing

    2. China Energy Saving and Green Manufacturing Association, Green Manufacturing Summit

    3. China Electro Technical Society: Motor and System Energy Saving Forum

    4. ESCO Committee of China Energy Conservation Association : The 11th Energy Saving Service industry and Outstanding Technological Cooperation Forum

  • Global Green Technology Matching

    1. Advanced Clean Technology B2B Cooperation Opportunity Release Conference (9:00-10:00)

    2. GBO-CHINA International Green Technology B2B Workshop (10:00-16:30)

    3. GBO-CHINA Global Green Technology Cooperation Signing Ceremony (16:30-17:30)


Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province package

This line is covered with 3 cities for 4 days. Very significant cities with highly demand of Clean-technologies and cooperating companies. Those cities are specifically need Air-pollution control, Waste Water treatment and Industrial treatment.

Jiangsu Province package

This line includes go to Yancheng, Yixing and Changzhou City for 4 days, they contains almost every representative characteristics of Jiangsu province in Green economy field. Also named as "Environmental protection technologies" importance place.

Sichuan province package

Yibin city, Sichuan Province is a typical export-oriented economy area. The place with highly demand of Automobile industry, New energy and New material. Yibin is the only port for Sichuan, Yunan and Guizhou province which will create many opportunities for local production and overseas export. This package is consisted of 5 days.

Inner Mongolia package

This line is specially to Ordos city with national features and demand of New energy, Cloud computing, Intelligence device, New material, Biological medicine and Modern service.


  • GBO-CHINA shorts for Green Business Opportunity Access to China. Founded by International Green Economy Association (IGEA), GBO-CHINA is set to build China's first B2B commercial platform for advanced, green technology trade across the world and for China's domestic companies to go global. GBO-CHINA focuses on new energy, environmental protection, industry, architecture and modern agriculture.

    As one of China's most representative green business organization, IGEA has made great efforts to go global. With further international cooperation in green economy sector, IGEA has developed a major platform for international enterprises to enter China's market. GBO- China incorporate global green resources and opportunities, encourage online and offline cooperation in an all round way, leading a new normal for green economy international cooperation and development.

    GBO-CHINA provides informative online service and practical offline services.


  • Themed "Green Production, Green Living", 2015 China International Energy Conservation Expo (EC EXPO) covers a total exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters. The expo will set up sections for industry, transportation, living, architecture and service. To be market-oriented, professional and international, the exhibition focuses on cutting-edge technologies, equipment and development trends of energy conservation. World leading manufactures of energy efficiency products and equipment and service providers will participate in the expo with success solutions from parts to system.


  • International Green Economy Association (IGEA) is a professional non-profit organization with a mission to promote green growth and sustainable development. IGEA holds the consultative status to the U.N. Economic and Social Council, and is a member of the U.N. Global Compact.

    IGEA aims to promote green economy, sustainable development and ecological civilization, and is committed to build green capacity for China's local economies and industries.


A. Attendance fee (including meals, attending conferences, materials and B2B talk) EUR999

B. Attendance fee and Opening Ceremony speech on November 17 EUR3099

C. Attendance fee and Workshop speech on November 17 EUR1349

D. Business delegations investigation fees after conference are subject to negotiation according to specific time duration, inspection destination and the attendee's county.

Conference Sponsor: Targeted negotiation will be held according to different purposes and effect required.


Exhibition Time

Setup: November 16-17, 2015 On show: November 18-20, 2015

Exhibition Rates

Bare booth( starts from 36 m2)
Overseas enterprises: 280 EUR/ m2
Domestic enterprises: 1280 RMB/ m2

Standard booth ( 3m × 3m )
Overseas enterprises: 2800 EUR
Domestic enterprises: 12800 RMB

Advanced booth ( 3m × 3m )
Overseas enterprises: 3800 EUR
Domestic enterprises: 18800 RMB


1: Bare booth exhibitors are responsible for own decoration, construction management and electric needs.

2: Standard booth includes: established exhibition stands(L: 3m × W: 3m × H: 2.5m) three-plane boarding(white), Chinese and English company fascia one power socket (within 500W), 2 spotlights, 1 desk with 2 folding chairs, blankets, garbage bin, stand cleaning, security, etc.

Exhibition Procedures:

1. The registration form should be filled, as well as faxed to organizer after being stamped, exhibition fee should be remitted to specified account within five days, and remittance voucher should also be faxed to committee. In case booth fee is not received, the organizer is entitled to sale the selected booth to other companies.

2. Booth arrangement follows "first applications, first remittance, first arrangement" principle, application vendors shall pay the fee on due or the booth will be canceled automatically and it will not be kept. Organizing commission has the final jurisdiction.

Conference Fees

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