2021 CIFTIS - Ecological and Environmental Industries Empowering the “Dual Carbon” Target Conference Successful Held in Beijing

Under the background of the strategic goal of achieving "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", the ecological and environmental industry has been ushered in a golden opportunity. On the afternoon of September 7, 2021, hosted by the International Green Economy Association (IGEA) and co-organized by Shanxi Guangyuan Forest Development Co., Ltd., the Environmental Industries Empowering the “Dual Carbon” Target Conference was successfully held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. 

Representative organizations and enterprises in the environmental area were invited to attend the conference and discussed about rural revitalization, ways of forestry industry, energy industry, manufacturing industry, agriculture industry in the Yangtze River basin, Yellow River Basin to develop valuable ecological content, and to carry out technological innovation and pattern innovation.  

Mr. Jihai Deng, executive president of IGEA, delivered a keynote speech as the host. He said that to achieve the “dual carbon” target is both a mission and a challenge for China. At the same time, it brings great opportunities for Chinese enterprises. In this case, currently, how to promote the technological innovation, pattern innovation and adapt to the change of market pattern is an important topic for the ecological and environmental industry. Now the development of different regional clusters such as large river basins, city clusters, functional belts and rural belts is increasingly prominent in the environmental protection industry. These are bound to make a greater boost to the realization of the dual carbon target. 

Mr. Chengjie Yin, special researcher of Counsellors’ Office of the State Council of the P.R.C. and former Administrative Vice Minister of Agriculture, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech on Rural Revitalization and Achieving the “Dual Carbon” Target. He said that advancing agricultural and rural modernization has always closely connected with the realization of the “dual carbon” target. We need to integrate energy conservation and emissions reduction into the entire process of rural vitalization to achieve rural vitalization in a green, energy-saving, emission-reducing, and low-carbon way.  

Mr. Zhenyong Li, deputy general manager of the Yangtze River Ecological and Environmental Protection Group, delivered a keynote speech on Our Mission to Protect the Ecological Environment of the Yangtze River and Opportunity for Ecological and Environmental Industry. He said that the protection of the Yangtze River is a landmark decision on the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Since its establishment, Yangtze River Ecological Environmental Protection Group has taken sewage treatment as the entry point to integrate  the ecological environmental protection industry chain of the upstream with that of downstream. It takes the road of integrated development of ecological and environmental protection industries.

Mr. Baolin Li, general manager of the Guangyuan Forest Development Company, delivered a keynote speech. He said that the company starts with urban green afforestation, constantly create new development pattern according to the local conditions, and improve the forest economic benefits scientifically to promote integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

Mr. Fangping Chen, general manager of the Xingyuan Environment Technology Company shared with the guests with Xingyuan’s practice on empowering the “dual carbon” target. He said that as one of the Fortune 500 companies in the world, Xingyuan Environment has been committed to ecological and environmental protection work for years. It is committed to protect the environment through the comprehensive management of ecological environment, environmental protection equipment research and development and intelligent platform construction, rural living environment improvement. At the same time, environmental benefits will be transformed into economic benefits through multiple channels through dual-carbon industry practices such as clean energy utilization, carbon sink development such as forestry, deployment of energy saving and storage equipment, and carbon footprint platform services. Xingyuan is finding a right way to achieve this.  

After the speeches, a dialogue on Ways for Eco-environment Industry to Seize the Opportunity to Contribute to the “Dual Carbon” Target was held. Mr. Yunfeng Bai, vice president of IGEA and chairman of the China Power Conservation and Environment Protection Group, hosted the dialogue. Mr. Zhaoyi Lu, general manager of CNCEC Ecological Environment Company, Mr. Felix Fan, senior vice president of SUEZ in Asia, Mr. Chunlin Zhang, chairman of the SafBon Water Service Holding Inc., Shanghai, Mr. Mingfeng Ma, chairman of the Yonker Environmental Protection, and Ms. Yanli Gao, general manager of the Beijing Environmental Remediation Company attended the discussion. 

It is agreed that the proposal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality strategy puts forward higher requirements for ecological environmental protection, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for the development of ecological environmental industry, and requires enterprises in the industry to strengthen cooperation. They need to re-examine the development of enterprise strategic direction, and continue to carry out technological innovation and pattern innovation.   

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