IGEA launch Six major area of strategic promotion project actions of 2022

On March 31, IGEA, launched 6 major areas of strategy promoting project actions at the member representative assembly issued 2022,for enhancing the closely cooperate within the member council units on the key projects, in order to create practical results. IGEA listed 6 major areas that  focus on country revitalization of the ecological environment governance, energy conservation and carbon reduction, increase efficiency, low carbon energy and new energy, carbon service , digital economy. The 6 major areas are listed as follow: 

1. Rural revitalization: Developing agricultural production and marketing bases, promoting agricultural productivity and efficiency with the application of biotechnology, and improving the rural environment

2. Environmental management: carrying out sewage treatment, recycling of hazardous solid waste, mine rehabilitation, environmental monitoring, etc

3. Digital economy: smart cities, industrial Internet, digital agriculture, security monitoring

4. Energy saving, carbon reduction and efficiency increase: energy saving of industrial buildings, big data center, energy saving and low-carbon parks etc.

5. Low-carbon energy service and new energy: to carry out the construction and operation of new energy projects and clean energy application service

6. Carbon reduction management  services: carbon emission management consulting, carbon emission analysis and evaluation, carbon asset management, CCUS, negative carbon technology promotion, CCER development and project trading

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